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Welcome to Chill Out Records

Creative Commons Submission Page

   Before submitting any music to Chill Out Records - No Copyright Music NCM (Chill Out Records LLC) 

YOU MUST READ ALL OF THIS. Please only submit tracks for which you entirely own the rights to the recording and underlying composition and that are free of any and all copyrighted samples! 


   As of currently Chill Out Records - No Copyright Music is only publishing music under a Creative Commons license (more information about Creative Commons may be found by clicking HERE)

A Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license to be more specific. Click ^ for more information on what that means.


What this does is allow us to put your music in the public domain where content creators and the like may then use your music in their works. This is done in exchange for accreditation (exposure). That is why when you publish with Chill Out Records we ask for your social media links so that you are properly credited.

Furthermore, we only publish tracks which have never been released on YouTube. We require that we are the first to upload a track to YouTube in case a false copyright claim should arise.  

If you would like to submit some of your work to us please send it in .mp3 or .wav files or via SoundCloud link only. Please write "CC BY 4.0" in the subject line to &

Include your social media links in the body of your message.

We appreciate you taking your time to send us your work. If you take the time to follow these steps we will take the time to listen to your submission and check out your social media.

Thank you!

~Chill Out Records - No Copyright Music